Before coming to see you, I tried to quit at LEAST 10 times before. I used books, gum, will-power and more... Thanks to you, I am not just a non-smoker, but a HAPPY non-smoker. Achieving this has profoundly effected my confidence. I really don't miss it! (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
HILARY K., Former Pack a Day Smoker, 2012
I was a two pack a day smoker and left your office smoke free in one session and that was 6 months ago. You know what you are doing, that is for sure! Thanks from bottom of my heart. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
James M. – Baldwin Hills
I really didn't want to quit. I went because everyone was telling me I was going to die young, meanwhile I watched as the wrinkles around my mouth got deeper and deeper. One session with Rita and I knew I'd never smoke again. Imagine, 25 years of smoking and I walked out never to smoke again. Freedom! Thanks Rita! (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
Cheryl Aloff of Chicago, IL 2005 (client and still smoke free)
If you want to quit smoking, Rita is a sure fire way to do it - I haven't touched a cigarette since the day I left her office nearly two years ago. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
Joey Scoleri smoke free since 2006
Rita, I am still not smoking and I am so grateful. (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
Karen Murray Redondo Beach, CA
Hi Rita We all seem to be doing well and in fact seem to enjoy being non-smokers. We'll keep you up to date on our continued success. Thanks! (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
Ron Williams and family (Kris and Trent) Santa Monica, CA
Thank you so much Rita—I have not had a cigarette since I left your office. I have been listening to your CD—I love it! I feel so good about myself! (Disclaimer: Results may vary)
Cathy Meyer Torrence, CA (Former 2 pack a day smoker)
Meet Rita Black, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Meet Rita Black, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Learn About Our Method & Why it Works

Learn About Our Method & Why it Works

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Other Services Shift Weight Mastery

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Meet Los Angeles hypnotherapist Rita Black

Are you thinking about making the shift from smoker to non-smoker?  You have come to the right place.  Shift Hypnosis offers an easier way to become free of your smoking habit with our Stop Smoking Method. (Visit our “How it Works” page for more information on our method.) Rita usually sees clients for just one two-hour session and offers one back up session if needed. * (Disclaimer: results may vary)

Visit this SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL for a peer reviewed scientific third party study that shows the benefit of HYPNOSIS in quitting smoking. HYPNOSIS IS SHOWN TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN NICOTINE SUBSTITUTION! * (Disclaimer: results may vary)

“I stopped with Rita after smoking for 22 years.  It was so easy that I feel silly for waiting so long.  The Shift Hypnosis Method gave me my freedom back without any cravings.  Thank you!”  -Betty Conklin, Pasadena, CA * (DISCLAIMER:  RESULTS MAY VARY)

Clinical hypnotherapist Rita Black is one of the most reputable smoking cessation specialists in Los Angeles with nearly two decades of clinical experience helping people free themselves of unwanted smoking habits with her special method that includes a unique and effective blend of hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and cognitive coaching. Rita “gets it,” having once smoked a pack-and-a-half a day. Rita considers it a point of great professional pride and honor to help others become free of their smoking habits with the use of hypnosis like she did over 19 years ago. * (Disclaimer: results may vary)

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