With over 20 years of experience, Rita has helped thousands of people from all different backgrounds and all walks of life learn to SHIFT from unhealthy patters, attitudes, and behaviors.

Here are some of their stories. 

Hi, my name is Marlene Morse and Rita has asked for a few lines about her stop smoking program. I’m sorry I can’t do this in just a few lines, so you will have to bear with me. To start with I wished I had met her 20 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of money. There is nothing in this world that even touches how easy it was with Rita and her program. I wasn’t sure I could do this, but Rita said to think positive and it worked. I have been a non-smoker since Sept 2006. I just wish people knew how simple and easy it is to do with Rita and her program. I had tried about 5 different programs prior to Rita’s over the years. Smokenders twice didn’t work, end smoking, over the counter stop smoking products, nothing worked. Rita’s worked and it only took about an hour. This will change your life and also your pocket book with the prices of cigarettes now. She is the best and also the nicest.

Marlene Morse
Culver City, CA
Smoke free since 2006

I really didn’t want to quit. I went because everyone was telling me I was going to die young, meanwhile I watched as the wrinkles around my mouth got deeper and deeper. One session with Rita and I knew I’d never smoke again. Imagine, 25 years of smoking and I walked out never to smoke again. Freedom! Thanks Rita!

Cheryl Aloff
Chicago, IL
Client and still smoke free since 2005

Rita Black, my name is Matt Leggman and you hypnotized me in 2005 for smoking cessation. I just wanted to call and say that I am still smoke-free and I breathe so much better! I am doing really wonderfully. Going to you was the best thing that I have ever done. I tried so many things and none of them worked—but that one session with you really helped me. I have a wonderful life now. I just wanted to thank you. So thank you!

Matt Leggman
(left as voicemail)
Manhattan Beach, CA smoke free since 2005

I’ve tried to quit smoking about 20 times, using all types of methods. It was always so anxiety ridden, it was all I could think about! I really wanted to stop and decided to give hypnosis a try. I had never been hypnotized before. Rita talked to me, learned about my smoking habit and customized the hypnosis session to my situation. Instead of reinforcing the idea that I was quitting smoking, she convinced me I was a non-smoker. Every time I was in a potential “smoking” situation, I thought about what my friends the non-smokers would do…. They would not crave a cigarette at all…and neither did I. I know it is scientific, but I call it a miracle! Also, I live with a smoker. I could cheat at any moment, but never wanted to.

Mickey Marrifino
Redondo Beach
Smoke free since 2006

“If you want to quit smoking, Rita is a sure fire way to do it – I haven’t touched a cigarette since the day I left her office nearly two years ago”
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Joey Scoleri smoke free since 2006
SVP Tour Marketing & Promotion
North American Music
Live Nation

Hi Rita,

We all seem to be doing well and in fact seem to enjoy being non-smokers. We’ll keep you up to date on our continued success.


Ron Williams & family
Santa Monica, CA

Rita I am still not smoking, and I am so grateful.

Karen Murray
Redondo Beach, CA

Subject: Hi Rita.

Hello Rita, I just wanted to reach out and thank you. In two weeks it will be the one year anniversary of my first and only visit to your offices. I smoked a pack a day and could not skip a single cigarette ever. I tried the Patch, the gum, the lozenges, Accupuncture, prayer, cold turkey, locking myself up, and nothing worked. The few times I was able to stop smoking for a few days, I was an absolute horror to the people around me. I was afraid to try again. The day I saw you, I smoked the whole day and spent most of the time we talked thinking about my next cigarette. But I left your office and never smoked again. I listened to the CD you provides in my car, and took your advice, and now I will soon be one year smoke free. Thank you for giving me the gift of freedom.

Heather Luttrell
(Sent as an email October 22, 2010)

Hi Rita, this is Debra Schaffer. I came and saw you about 3 weeks ago and I wanted you to know how happy that I am to be a non-smoker—I am a non-smoker for the rest of my life!! Anyway I am just thrilled and this has been very easy—especially compared to the many times I have tried to quit smoking and have not been successful and I am happier—so much happier I just wanted to call you and say thank you!!

Debra Schaffer

Thank you so much Rita—I have not had a cigarette since I left your office. I have been listening to your CD—I love it! I feel so good about myself!

Cathy Meyer
Torrence, CA
Former 2 pack a day smoker

I was a two pack a day smoker and left your office smoke free in one session and that was 6 months ago. You know what you are doing, that is for sure! Thanks from bottom of my heart.

James M.
Baldwin Hills, CA

Subject: Jill Kiley From Ohio

Remember me? I was working at Cedars as a transitional nurse and you came in your off hours to help me stop smoking.

Your help and encouraging words and simplistic way of quitting really worked with me. April 17th was my quit day. It is nice not to be a slave to the cigarette anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was a smoker, a heavy smoker for over 30 years.

Thank you Rita,

Hi Rita,

Wow. What can I say. I’m speechless. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for your help with me becoming a non-smoker. I may have been a skeptic about hypnotism in the past, but now I am a true believer.

I have been a non-smoker for 5 days now. I know that’s not long, but the first few days are supposed to be the hardest. Yet, I am not experiencing this. I have no cravings, no withdrawals, no habitual reflexes, no triggers, no sudden interest in sweet foods, no irritability or mood swings, and I have stuck to my diet and lost another pound. All the side effects I was fearing aren’t happening.

There actually have been positive side effects, if I can call it that. I am in a better mood, I feel more optimistic, I feel freedom from cigarettes, I feel energetic and I fell less stress. My husband and I are even getting along better!

Other things I am experiencing is a preference for water over diet sodas or juices. I constantly have water by my side and have no problems with drinking over 8 glasses a day. It’s become a good habit and part of my routine.

With cigarettes out of my daily routine, I have found the energy to do more things, such as tackling some home improvement projects. The time I used to spend smoking is now being utilized toward more positive actions. I am cleaning out closets, bundling old clothes to give to charity, throwing out old junk, organizing, etc., etc. I just feel the need to be busy and more active. I’ve even increased my exercise routine. Because I have back issues, the exercise can only help to improve it.

What joy I feel to wake up in the morning and not have that urge for the first cigarette of the day. I have my coffee, but don’t feel like I’m missing having a cigarette. Even my husband’s smoking is not a trigger. I have even tested my will power; I sat on the patio where we normally smoke, among all the ashtrays and butts and didn’t feel a thing! I am completely uninterested and unaffected.

The only and best way I can most vividly describe how I feel is that it’s like I have never smoked before in my life.

You certainly have a gift and I am no longer a skeptic. Hypnosis works…if you are ready and willing. Thank you again, Rita. You have literally saved my life!

Warmest Regards,
Vesna Davis
Now a non-smoker for 2 years

Before coming to see you, I tried to quit at LEAST 10 times before. I used books, gum, will-power and more. I didn’t realize how much this cycle of quitting and failing was affecting my self-worth and confidence. I actually cried a good portion of the drive to your office. I feared that either it WOULDN’T work, and I’d be disspointed in myself (again). OR, I feared it WOULD work, and I’d be a miserable non-smoker forever. Neither fear came true! Thanks to you, I am not just a non-smoker, but a HAPPY non-smoker. Achieving this has profoundly effected my confidence. I really don’t miss it!

With gratitude,
Hilary K.
Non-Smoker since Sept 2012

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