Rita Black, C.Ht Certified Hypnotherapist & Cognitive Coach

Shift Hypnosis Smoking Cessation

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About Rita

Rita Black is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with nearly two decades of experience using hypnosis. Her specialties are smoking cessation and weight loss. Rita uses a unique blend of hypnosis and cognitive coaching to help her clients make profound life SHIFTs by helping them shed limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors. Rita is uniquely qualified in these areas because she once struggled with weight management and smoked a pack-and-a-half a day. It was only when she turned to hypnosis that Rita was able to keep her weight under control and cease smoking for good. Over the past two decades Rita has helped thousands of people do the same.

Online Sessions Available — Contact to find out more!


The SHIFT hypnosis and cognitive coaching program uses the best of traditional hypnotherapy techniques combined with the new science of the Neuro Linguistic Program to help individuals shed unhealthy patterns and behaviors. The SHIFT program helps you enter a very relaxed, powerful mental state where you have 100 percent control over your brain. Your subconscious mind is fully engaged and reprogrammed to SHIFT and change the emotional patterns that have kept you from achieving your goals.