Meet Clinical Hypnotherapist Rita Black in this 7 minute video where she will explain:
1. Why you are still smoking despite your knowing you should stop.
2. How hypnosis can make stopping smoking easier.
3. How Rita’s unique method of hypnosis and cognitive coaching works so that you can become happy, healthy non-smoker.

* (Disclaimer: results may vary) 

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis in Los Angeles

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Reasons People Don't Stop the Smoking Habit

Most people know the major benefits to stopping smoking. They know by stopping they would improve their health and vitality and cut the risks of contracting terrible diseases. They know by stopping they would not feel like such a slave to the constant urges to smoke. They know by stopping smoking they would smell better and not have to hide their habit from their friends, family and co-workers. And let’s face it, most people are aware that by stopping the habit of smoking they wouldn’t have to waste their money on the cigarettes and all the up-keep costs that being a smoker incurs.

So, why do people keep smoking in spite of knowing all these things? The answer comes down to one thing… FEAR.

  • The fear that you‘ll have to give up your pleasure, crutch, or “friend”.
  • The fear that you will get too stressed out or angry.
  • The fear of weight gain because you will start eating more or your metabolism will tank.
  • The fear that the withdraw process will be too traumatic.
  • The fear that you will be giving up one of the pleasures in your life.
  • The fear that even though you have stopped smoking you will always have the craving to smoke.

The fears above are all smaller fears of one big overpowering fear. The main reason that you have not quit smoking is this-THE FEAR that it is going to be too difficult and painful.

Usually when a smoker “tries” to stop with either on their own or with other methods they feel miserable and suffer the depression brought on by the feeling that “something’s missing” and that they are being deprived of their escape, pleasure, or crutch. The brilliance of hypnosis, and the way we have formulated our specialized treatment in particular, is that it takes away the feeling of being deprived. It removes the dependency and the need to smoke. You will find the need outside aids, gimmicks, or replacements unnecessary. No e-cigarettes, patches or nicotine gum. No herbal remedies, acupuncture or lasers. Hypnosis is as painless as sitting back in a pleasant, comfy chair, and relaxing…nice and easy!

You can become a non-smoker with Shift Hypnosis

Rita has performed smoking hypnosis in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. Because of her expertise and years of success, we feel confident that you will have success in a short period of time? Why do we have such a huge success rate with “Shift Hypnosis?”

Our Method's Specialized Approach

In the early 1950’s the American Medical Association approved the use of clinical hypnosis. Since then, thousands of people have found hypnosis to be a powerful way to stop persistent habits like smoking or weight gain, and to enhance confidence and productivity for an overall improved life. Results with hypnosis can vary of course because a lot depends on the experience, competence and skill level of each hypnotherapist – as well as the methods and techniques that they practice.

The beauty of the “Shift Hypnosis Stop Smoking Method” is that it utilizes the best of classic hypnotherapy techniques and blends them powerfully with the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Doing this makes the hypnosis more effective.

One of the main reasons we find success with our special hypnosis method is that the nature of the technique lets us take the pleasure associated with smoking and transfer it to a healthier habit of the smoker’s choice (e.g. relaxing, exercising, drinking water, etc). Therefore, with our SHIFT technique there is NO weight gain or other undesirable side effects associated with stopping smoking. The only “side effects” are actually benefits that you receive when you become a non-smoker-an increase in vitality and health, a relief from the sneaking around, more money in your wallet, freedom, and peace of mind!

Nothing to Fear, Everything to Gain

Hypnosis has been around for centuries. The old misconceptions that hypnosis is magic or Voo-Doo and the myths about hypnosis have been replaced by researched and scientifically-backed applications. Now hypnosis is used in a wide range of fields, including sports, law enforcement, medicine, education and dentistry.

Some people still have misconceptions about the positive benefits that can be achieved during a session of professionally-controlled clinical hypnosis. We explain some of the myths and answer questions about our Los Angeles smoking hypnosis program on our FAQ page.